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By Columnist, TRB - Mitt Romney used to be the Governor of Massachusetts where I live. He was terrible, so bad that it is estimated he will receive less votes for President in MA than in any other state come this November. Normally, that would be all the logical person would have to hear, and Romney wouldn't have a chance. But we are living in the Twilight Zone - Tea Party Era of U.S. politics, where stupidity, mythology, and personality disorder have combined to create a new kind of political environment - one where even someone as disgusting as Mitt Romney has a chance of winning the Presidency.

Look at these morons in Congress who believe evolution isn't true. Or the Congressional Science Committee, where a member or two actually believe women who are raped are able to call upon a special biological defense system that will automatically kill off all the sperm deposited against her will. If the rape wasn't against her will, she would get pregnant. Of course no such system exists in women. And rape is rape. The situation is similar to the practice in Colonial Salem where if a woman was suspected of being a witch, she was thrown into the water, sometimes weighted down with rocks. If she drowned, then maybe she wasn't a witch, maybe she was. If she did not drown quickly enough, then she was a witch and would be murdered by the crowd.

Today so much of this mass insanity begins with the broken news media, who no longer call it as they see it, but as they believe viewers want it to look. Television has become a 24 hour commercial with what the right wing used to say about pornography, "no redeeming social value." The networks only want to sell you some drugs to enhance your sex life or to kill your brain cells - if you are fortunate enough to have any left.  

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There is even a Tea Party piece of legislation in Congress today called "personhood." This law, which was backed by Romney's choice for VP, Paul Ryan, would give a fetus all the rights of a living person, including property rights. If you look at the possible impact of this law it is easy to imagine women prosecuted for murder for receiving an abortion.

So what makes Romney so disgusting? First, he is an outright liar, who has been caught in his lies a hundred times, only to add still another lie to cover up the first. Now it is a book of lies, a Romney novel that needs no plot, no structure - indeed no ending. The Romney "True Believers" are like zombies. Their "library" is made up as they go along.

They can not be dissuaded; the actual truth is the enemy or a trick concocted by Democrats in some sleezy back room. While Governor of my state, Romney achieved one accomplisment. A kind of universal healthcare. Now he has turned his back on it. Why? Because it will help the poor and the middle class and runs the risk of raising his tax rate.

Romney said he believes that in no circumstances do the poor and those who can't afford medical insurance, die as a result of these issues. Meanwhile, most doctors believe that approximately 40,000 Americans die each year due to poor and insufficient medical care, which itself is the result of a lack of medical insurance.

In Romney's insulated little world everything smells like money, perhaps because he is sitting on a quarter of a billion dollars - money he made "the hard way," by dismantling weak businesses or those on the verge of bankruptcy, selling off their remaining assets, shutting them down and shipping their jobs to China. In other words, Romney made that money as a "Big Game Hunter," out to find and kill the U.S. economy.

Then he took that enormous wad of cash and deposited it in foreign banks so the nation he now wants to lead couldn't make a penny in revenue from his profits assaulting the U.S. small business comminity. We all know about that community because Romney spends so much of his time proclaiming his love for it. A quarter of a billion dollars worth of love.

Romney believes that only those who can afford to go to college should go. Maybe the remainder can work at fast food joints. Isn't the U.S. the number one nation in the world producing deadly food products on a mass scale, shipping them around the world so our friends in other nations can also enyoy the delights of heart disease and an early death?

Well, someone has to keep that deadly cycle going - and you don't need a college education for that. The problem here is that his VP choice, Paul Ryan relied upon government loans and grants to get his education. And it is impossible to imagine a Romney White House or Cabinet that would not be heavy with officials who at one time or another received money from the federal government for their educations. So obviously these government education assistance programs should continue.

But Romney is never finished with his lies and deceptions. He likes to think he didn't raise the taxes all that much while Governor of Massachusetts. On the face of things, he didn't. But then you have to look for the deception. Instead of raising taxes, he raised fees - on everything. Romney is a great believer in the "invisible tax."

Mass. voters were so happy to get rid of Mitt Romney, they still talk about it today. The package stores must have done a lot of business on the day he left.



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