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Cape Cod - by Columnist TRB - The U.S. is like that drunk you sometimes hear about, the one who has to "hit" bottom" before he can begin to put his life back together. If Mitt Romney is electerd President in November, the drunk will hit the bottom. Guaranteed. Take away the lies and his abrupt but effective, well choreographed, but totally fake "move to the political center," and you are left with a right-wing multi-millionaire who wants to destroy social programs once and for all, give a giant tax break to the weathy and steal anything he can get his hands on. He banks in other nations. He sends jobs to nations that don't need them as badly as we do. He has stated that nearly half the population of this country are losers. And he will look you right in the eye and tell you he "loves America."

But think for a minute -  

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Romney will make life  much worse for the poor, especially the children and the elderly. He will just about eliminate the last remaining members of the once mighty Middle Class. They will be destroyed by Romney's sneaky way of taxing them. He will do away with the estate tax, which doesn't have much impact on anyone but the rich.

But he will also do away with the tax write off you receive for owning a home, and the one you receive by declaring the mouths you feed. Fees will be added to everything you need to do involving the federal government. This is how he raised taxes when he was Governor of Massachusetts - by raising fees on all state buisness, licensing, etc. It was the "invisible tax."

He will further wreck the public school system, making life even worse for the average teacher. Many believe this intentional bleeding of the public schools is part of a larger Republican effort to "dumb down" the entire U.S. population. Romney's efforts would also severely limit the numbers of young people entering college because all of those college loans would dry up. When you have a stupid population, the more likely they are to vote for someone like Romney and believe his lies. Conspiracy theory? Yes.

But believe me, the Romneys of this world have no fondness for smart people or really anyone who can figure out what they are doing.

When Romney worked for Bane capital he was an expert in "harvesting" what was left over when a company neared or experienced bankruptcy. I firmly believe that Romney looks upon the U.S. with the same carnivorous ideas in mind. What does the country have left? How can he "harvest" and sell it? He is going to take the U.S. apart. That is what he knows. That is what he is good at.

Will he put much-needed improvements into play? i.e., rebuild U.S. railway systems, highways, bridges? This would also create thousands of jobs.  No he won't. He would have to tax the rich to do that.

He will be quick to start wars and he will give the Pentagon billions of dollars it hasn't even asked for. This Romney guy, this "bishop" of the Mormon Church, seems to have a real love of war. That is strange, because during the Vietnam War he asked and received at least two deferments from military duty because he was too busy in Paris looking for converts to the Mormon Church. He did find time in college however to demonstrate against the students who were demonstrating against the Vietnam War. He never dodged a bullet. His VP also has no military experience, although he has had plenty of opportunities in this Land of Perpetual War.

You will remember the "chicken hawks"  Bush and Cheney, who made up lies to send thousands of young American men and women and Iraqi men, women and children to their deaths, and have yet to be brought to justice for the atrocity of the Iraq War, or even investigated - expect more of the same from Romney, who believes to his core that war is a crucial part of the U.S. economy, that it produces jobs, enhances technological research and keeps millions of U.S. soldiers employed and not at home where he would have to find real jobs for them.

In terms of hitting bottom though, there will be one big difference this time around - a population that will turn on him if he doesn't solve the nations problems quickly as he has been promising for more than a year. There will be violent demonstrations in the streets if Romney plays bully to the world. There will be dozens of nations that weathered through the bad times of George W., and were relieved when the much more rational and friendly Obama came into office. They will not take any crap from Romney.

If Romney is elected President this Fall, the U.S. will officially have hit the bottom.   


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