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Monday December 04, 2023 (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

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Happy Monday book lovers! It’s been a few weeks since I had a ARC to read so I was excited when I stumbled upon Jenny L. Howe’s “On The Plus Side.” It is a delightful romantic comedy that features a plus-size cast of characters hosting a mix between a makeover show and a documentary on self-improvement.   Now my friends, From the very beginning, I was hooked. Everly Winters, our lovable protagonist, is the kind of character you can’t help but root for. She’s someone who’s navigated life like a storm cloud in shades of gray, navy, and black. Everly resonated with me. Jenny Howe’s portrayal of plus-sized characters in fiction is both refreshing and empowering, as it sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals in a world that often celebrates a narrow definition of beauty.   Everly’s journey starts with a secret nomination for the makeover show “On the Plus Side,” which explores themes of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love. Her character’s struggle with expectations from family, society, and her own desire to reclaim the strength she possessed before her grandmother’s passing struck a chord with me. I saw myself in Everly, and her relatable experiences made this novel a journey I was more than ready to take.   I’m not sure about your feelings my friends, but one aspect that stood out to me was the unique narrative structure. The author breaks away from the traditional novel layout by allowing us to experience the story through Everly’s eyes, the lens of the show, and even online forums. This multifaceted approach kept the story fresh and engaging, making “On The Plus Side” stand out in the sea of contemporary romance books available.   One thing that bugged me however, was the indecisiveness in Everly’s career choices. Her shifts from art to design, then to tattoo artistry and finally Logan’s sanctuary project seemed a tad abrupt. While I appreciate the depiction of indecision as a part of Everly’s character, the transitions could have been more realistic to make them more believable. Just because someone can draw does not mean they can tattoo my friends.   Now friends this is a love story so I have to tell you about the love interest of this novel. The heartwarming friendship that blossoms between Everly and Logan feels so natural. Logan, the grumpy yet kind cameraman, adds a layer of depth to the story and becomes a character you can’t help but adore. You know you love a grumpy male lead. Then there is the romance that unfolds, mostly caught from Logans point of view, on camera for the world to see. What happens next shows how strong Everly is, forcing her to confront her fears and insecurities in the spotlight.   In the end my friends, “On The Plus Side” is a heartwarming tale of love, and the courage to be your authentic self. If you’re a fan of relatable characters and a touch of reality TV drama, this book is a must-read. So grab your computer, phone, or run down to your favorite local book seller and reserve this one today. “On The Plus Side” will be released on December 26th, 2023. You’ll want to make this the last book you read this year. Thank you, Jenny L. Howe, for this delightful and empowering tale that celebrates the beauty of every curve! And a special shoutout to NetGalley for the ARC – you’ve made my bookish heart happy once again!   Happy reading Book friends!

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