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Monday December 04, 2023 (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

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Top HN photo: A driver stoops over to pick up his Jeep’s front tire at a Route 6A crash scene, Sunday afternoon…             BARNSTABLE – [HN NOTES & MULLINGS ON THE MATTER] – As can be seen in the above HN photos, the Barnstable Police are investigating what caused at least one vehicle to cross over the center line and collide with an oncoming car yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured (one driver was evaluated inside an ambulance but refused transport) and the damage appeared to reflect both vehicles being “clipped” on the driver’s side, near the front tire area. The crash happened early afternoon, on Route 6A near the intersection with Keveney Lane. The roads were wet from a steady, ongoing light rain. Heavy Sunday traffic became backed up in both directions as officers needed to stop cars, reducing the flow to one lane, intermittently in each direction. It was an all-too-common midday mess. I’ll reiterate, this type of crash, that fortunately ended up being relatively “minor” due to a matter of inches, happens all day long on the Cape. The accident is under investigation and without speculating too much about this specific crash, I will say that a lot of these crashes are not simple “accidents.” In general – but maybe not this one – many of these crashes are intentional negligence due to excessive speed or distracted driving… “lane issues” that wouldn’t happen if everyone was focused on the task at hand, which is safe driving, of course… … staying within marked lanes… … traveling at posted speeds. While driving to yesterday’s crash, HN was almost clipped by a young family in an SUV that appeared to be having a good time laughing, yukking it up, and whatnot, without realizing they had just drifted into my lane. It’s good my head was in the game at least, or else there would have been a second crash to deal with… … another “matter of inches.” People’s inability to drive respectfully and safely is actually much worse in the daytime in my opinion. And the offenders are not your “normal” reckless offenders, they are moms, dads, teens, routine commuters, all playing Russian Roulette with oncoming traffic by #&%*@^%! around on their cellphones… because, you know, “gotta answer that last text!” One of these days, I’m going to set up a high-powered lens to record clueless drivers arriving at random traffic lights. When the “games” begin. When fine, upstanding mom and dad, both decked-out in Mr. & Mrs. “good citizen” business attire, decide to get a little texting in, because they are “responsible” of course, and not like the other idiots. Damn reckless, self-centered fools! But again, I’m not saying texting, speed, or some other form of distracted driving was the actual cause of yesterday’s crash, the one pictured above. In yesterday’s crash, it’s quite likely both drivers were “victims of circumstance.” Pure, accidental circumstance… The Barnstable Police Department is investigating the actual cause of yesterday’s crash… P.S. – Today’s Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Curly Howard & The Three Stooges…  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]  

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security patrol property check service

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