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A local Mom and daughter team create a successful business using Atlantic Ocean Salts. Founded by entrepreneur-mom and daughter team Mary Craven and her daughter Lilly, Salty Soaps uses Atlantic sea salts in their holistic cold process soaps.

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“I first began making soap to relieve my own families skin issues. I am diabetic and wear a diabetic pump. My skin can be very dry, and sometimes has difficulty healing. In addition, eczema ran in our family. Like a lot of people I had tried about everything on the store shelf and was frustrated.”

“When I was young my mother made a soap. She would also gather rain water to wash our hair, and would make her own sugar mask and
face treatments.”

Mary decided to follow in Moms footsteps. Mary and her daughter began formulating very successful recipes that incorporated Sea Salts, herbs and botanical oils that had been used for years for their skin benefits. ”They use only natural ingredients, and all of their soaps and products are Vegan.“

After “tesing the waters” at Cape Cod Farmers markets, the team quickly needed to establish a presence online. “We began just selling our soap at local farmers markets, but then customers really demanded we sell online. Many were vacationing here on Cape Cod and needed a way to order more soaps once they were home. “ With the help of Mary's oldest daughter Anna, was formed and the reorders kept coming in. In fact 95% of customers who purchase online, keep purchasing.

“The success of our products lies in the our unique well researched recipes and the Atlantic Sea salts, which are harvested right here on Cape Cod.” Adds, Lilly. “ We use only ingredients that have been proven in studies to be easily topically absorbed and beneficial to the skin.“

“We want people to change they way they think about soap. SALTYSOAP is really a skin treatment in the shower. Our motto is, “Love your soap, love your skin.”

On Cape, you can buy Saltysoaps at select Speciality stores and at the Bass River Farmers Market on Thursdays and Saturdays. With more and more interest from retailers and a growing, on line business, SALTYSOAPS will continues to perfect a good thing. Their range of natural, chemical free products include soaps, scrubs, lip balms and lotions.

The company also offers a popular recurring order plan. “80% of our online customers opt into recurring orders. They receive fresh handmade soap delivered to their door each month.” said Mary.

Saltysoaps is handmade in Boston during the winter months and Cape Cod during the summer. For more information visit

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