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Below are the latest news articles mentioning Harwich from all the local Cape Cod news sources. Most of these stories should be related to the town of Harwich, MA on Cape Cod.

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Nauset High, Eddy School Choirs Perform at State House »

Thursday December 07, 2017 - 2:39:02 pm | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Video courtesy of Senator Julian CyrTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: EducationHub…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

Sun, December 10, 2017 | via Sponsored Content

Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

We have put together a list of the most common questions received by doctors and staff. Can I wear soft contact lenses if I have astigmatism? Yes, you can wear a special type of soft contact lens called a toric lens which will correct your astigmatism. However, these lenses are typically more expensive…

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Festival of Trees Raises $2,700 for Family Pantry »

Thursday December 07, 2017 - 6:13:58 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Winners announced…Towns: HarwichTopic: NewsHub Category: HolidaysAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Winners announced…Main Image: Main Image Credit: Chairman Amy White of White Flowers in Harwich Port here with Jeanine Jarvis the winner of the…

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NWS:  S’no Big Deal Saturday »

Thursday December 07, 2017 - 5:57:41 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Saturday forecast has little accumulation here, for now…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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Certain Lots of Herb Ox Beef Bouillon Recalled »

Thursday December 07, 2017 - 4:34:42 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: 4,412 cases of HERB-OX® Beef Flavor Granulated Bouillon affected…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods…

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Why are flags lowered today?  December 7, 2017 »

Thursday December 07, 2017 - 12:01:09 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: In honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance DayTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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Cape officials seek to streamline project permitting »

Wednesday December 06, 2017 - 8:24:54 pm | via Cape Cod Times Headlines »

HYANNIS — It took two years and approximately $100,000 to get permits for a $6.4 million project to replace two undersized culverts with a 130-foot bridge over Muddy Creek between Chatham and Harwich.“Permitting is an experience you never forget,” Robert Duncanson, Chatham’s…

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Paying it Forward After a Kindness Shown Years Ago »

Wednesday December 06, 2017 - 8:52:27 am | via NewsCenter »

HYANNIS – Marion Rouse of Harwich lives by the philosophy that empathy and caring are among the simple things she can provide to patients who come to Cape Cod Hospital’s Emergency Center. As a patient access representative, she is often among the first staff members to visit with patients…

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Department of Public Health Encourages Flu Shots »

Wednesday December 06, 2017 - 5:15:19 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Flu season arrives early…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: HealthHub Category: Health…

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National Weather Service:  Wind Advisory 12/05/17 »

Tuesday December 05, 2017 - 7:24:48 pm | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Gust up to 50 mph possibleTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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Keep Your Dog Safe During Hunting Season »

Tuesday December 05, 2017 - 5:45:06 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: A vest, a bell, even a flashing light can make all the difference…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods…

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