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Thursday September 28, 2023 (2 months, 1 week ago)

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FILE IMAGE: Kathy Joyce interviews Chief Matthew Sonnabend in front of Barnstable Police Headquarters for a past, 2020 HN SPECIAL REPORT regarding fraud…   **** UPDATE – IMPORTANT HN ALERT: PLEASE SHARE HN POSTS LIKE THIS ONE (ONES ABOUT ALLEGED COVER-UPS), AS THERE IS A WELL DOCUMENTED HISTORY OF SOME POLICE (INCLUDING BARNSTABLE) MISUSING THEIR RESOURCES TO CENSOR HN CONTENT ****   HYANNIS, Massachusetts – HN received the following message from the Town of Barnstable during the overnight: “I returned your call and left a message, Rob. In response to your question, Chief Sonnabend has requested and has been placed on extended medical leave.  During his absence, Deputy Chief Jean Challies has been appointed Acting Chief. The Town will have no further comment. Thank You, Lynne” Lynne M. Poyant, MPA Director of Communications Town of Barnstable ……………………………………………. HN responded with the following: Just one last thing, Lynne  –  and I know you may possibly be bound by the “town hall omerta” that has existed here in Barnstable under the current town manager, especially surrounding this recent development regarding our police department – but is the Town of Barnstable ever going to issue a statement that sheds light on the numerous rumors and allegations surrounding our police chief allegedly being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a woman who was recently passed-over for employment with the Barnstable Police Department?  Can you confirm or deny these allegations?  And are you able to shed light on the alleged photographs of Chief Sonnabend posted online by the woman reportedly passed over for a police officer position?  Along with other allegations of the chief being involved in other inappropriate interactions with women while on duty as a Barnstable Police Officer?  And the fact the town manager was made aware of at least one of the aforementioned questionable behaviors involving a rookie female police officer years ago?  Active and former police officers have reached out to HN, in the past and especially recently, extremely concerned about the chief’s alleged inappropriate behaviors involving women.  Any information, corrections or updates regarding the aforementioned would be greatly appreciated, as the citizens of the Town of Barnstable deserve to know the truth. Thank you, Lynne. Rob, HN ……………………………… HN NOTES: Within the past week, HN was notified and/or informed by a number active and former police sources regarding rumors swirling around Chief Matthew Sonnabend of the Barnstable Police Department. And there were concerns and lack of confidence in the current chief based on alleged inappropriate interactions with women, in the past and recently. Many of these officers are concerned because a police chief’s integrity and moral character needs to be solid and above reproach. HN’s confidential police informants are fed up with the lack of transparency surrounding their concerns. Some are afraid to step forward and speak openly about these matters, while one or two are considering actually going on camera to address these concerns. Hopefully the Town of Barnstable will come forward and address these concerns about the alleged mistreatment of women, without placing hardworking confidential police informants in jeopardy. The citizens of the Town of Barnstable need and deserve a strong police force. And they need full transparency from their government. AND the questions surrounding Chief Sonnabend’s alleged actions (especially related to transparency, items being removed from the public police log, etc) do not stop here… [DEVELOPING] ………………………….. What others are saying: “Self-imposed medical leave?” ~ Ed Lambert on this morning’s 95.1 FM radio show… “The place has gone downhill in the last four years.” ~ Confidential police source “They have a lot to hide. They all have dirt on their hands. I told Ells about [this…]” ~ Confidential Barnstable Police source   P.S. – Today’s Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Julie London…  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]  

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