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Monday September 25, 2023 (5 months ago)

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HN received the following open letter from Cape Cod Concerned Citizens to Sen. Julian Cyr about the current so-called (depending on one’s perspective) Cape Cod “Migrant”/ “New Arrivals”/ “Illegal Alien” crisis: “Cape Cod Concerned Citizens, a group of more than 4,000 that has organized because of the immigrant influx to our beloved Cape Cod, feels compelled to address your recent email to your supporters (a copy of which is attached). Your constituents and other concerned Cape Cod residents have been reaching out to you because you are an elected senator for this region. As a public servant, you are aware that you represent all people within your district and that one of your responsibilities is to respond to constituents. To date, however, you have not provided the answers necessary to inform your constituents concerning the influx of immigrants being placed at hotels and motels in your district. You have not explained why Cape Cod citizens have been displaced so that immigrants could be moved into their housing. There is a natural and well-founded concern of how many immigrants will be placed on Cape Cod, how these immigrants have been properly vetted and how the towns will be able to absorb the costs attached to housing, feeding and schooling these individuals when the state funding is insufficient. Neither you nor any other public official has spoken to the high and unsustainable cost associated with this influx of immigrants. It seems inevitable that the towns will be forced to either cut other services or raise real estate taxes in order to maintain their budgets. As you are well aware, there are an inordinate amount of senior citizens living on Cape Cod and most of these seniors are living on a fixed income. In these times of high inflation, how will they be able to afford food, medication etc. if their taxes are raised? Cape Cod Concerned Citizens are very sensitive to their fears and their needs when it seems that their elected officials are not. We find it egregious that while our tax-paying citizens struggle to feed their families, every immigrant is being provided with prepared meals plus spending money of $40 per day using our tax dollars. Another area of concern is for our fragile ecosystem on Cape Cod. It is well-documented that a substantial increase of population will have detrimental effects on our environment and natural resources. In your letter, you stated your concerns about climate change, and yet you have not raised this concern. As to your references of your constituents being divisive, hateful, extremists, shifting blame onto vulnerable people and listening to “dog whistles”, we feel that your own uninformed and judgmental words are what is divisive. We had hoped for a more open and civil discourse with you as our elected official. While you are fundraising in New York City, we are here on Cape Cod fighting for the citizens who cannot afford housing, food, healthcare etc., while we also work to keep the character of Cape Cod and the tourist industry that so many Cape Cod businesses depend upon. Cape Cod Concerned Citizens ……………….. The following is the alleged initial email from Sen. Cyr to his supporters (as referenced above): Subject: “Harmful to our way of life” ? Reply-To: “I have some sobering news — it looks like a nasty 2024 election cycle is coming to Cape Cod earlier than ever! A press release sent to news outlets last week claims that my tenure as state senator has been “a disaster for the residents of our district and outright harmful to our way of life,” and goes on to say that I have “prioritized the needs of illegal immigrants at the expense of legal residents and citizens of the Cape & Islands.” The press release announced the candidacy of extremist Republican Chris Lauzon of Marstons Mills, who is hoping that second time is a charm in a run for the Cape & Islands State Senate seat. In 2022, Chris Lauzon was my opponent — and we won 48 out of 50 precincts. Instead of deciding to move forward to seek common ground and solve problems, my opponent is returning to the extremist Trump/DeSantis playbook that doubles down on hate and division. Blaming “illegal immigration” for all our problems is a tactic to sow dysfunction and division. And claiming that I’m “harmful to our way of life” is a dog-whistle. I won’t be surprised if extremist Republicans once again attack who I am. Last year, a Republican supporter drove around Hyannis with a sign on their SUV comparing me to a pedophile. It’s the sickest, most tired trick in the homophobic playbook. This isn’t how we operate on the Cape and Islands. Our campaign has always been focused on solving the big challenges our region faces — housing, wastewater, the climate crisis, addiction, health equity and access. We don’t shift blame onto vulnerable people. And we don’t perpetuate hate. Your support will be critical once again, not only to achieve a resounding victory in 2024, but to drown out the extremist hate. Your contributions, the hours you volunteer, and your dedication to our shared values are as needed as ever. Can you give today to make sure we have the resources to push back? I’m looking forward to working with all of you to show that divisive nasty extremist politics still has no place on the Cape & Islands. I’m forever grateful for your continued support and encouragement. Onward, Julian P.S. I will be in New York City next week connecting with friends, old and new. If you’re in the City, please join us for a get-together on Thursday Sept 28. More details here.” ……………. HN will promptly publish Sen. Cry’s response to the above letter from Cape Cod Concerned Citizens as soon as it becomes available. NOTE/Disclaimer: The above views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views, opinions or position of HN.

Full Story at Hyannis News

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