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Saint Patricks Day Parade

Below are the latest news articles mentioning Truro from all the local Cape Cod news sources. Most of these stories should be related to the town of Truro, MA on Cape Cod.

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Back to School Safety Tips from Sandwich Police »

Monday August 28, 2017 - 9:15:16 am | via Police and Fire News »

Deck: Slow down, pay attention…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: Police and Fire NewsHub…

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Junk Removal and House Cleanout Services

Mon, February 19, 2018 | via Sponsored Content

Junk Removal and House Cleanout Services

Junk accumulates in homes, in attics, basements, at businesses, at rental properties and in storage units over time. Getting this stuff removed can be a problem, especially if you are the one that is left with the clean out duties. Get  a free estimate from our professional Cape Cod junk removal…

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NOAA:  Update and Forecast on Tropical Depression #10 »

Monday August 28, 2017 - 7:05:01 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: May affect Cape area Tuesday night…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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Masonic Angels Finalize Beehive School Tools »

Sunday August 27, 2017 - 10:44:14 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: 1,000 Cape kids will receive school supply kits…Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsHub…

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NOAA:  Another Beautiful Day »

Sunday August 27, 2017 - 7:34:04 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Highs in low 70's, cool tonightTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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23 Locals Make Dean’s List at Merrimack College »

Saturday August 26, 2017 - 4:44:15 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: More locals make their hometowns proudTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: EducationHub…

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Taxation without representation »

Saturday August 26, 2017 - 3:01:00 am | via Cape Cod Times Opinion »

The Truro Board of Selectmen voted this week to implement a 20 percent property tax exemption for year-round residents, which will mean a property tax increase for part-time residents.The tax exemption, already in place in several other Cape and Islands towns, is aimed at shifting a financial…

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NOAA:  Where’d Summer Go? »

Friday August 25, 2017 - 6:38:06 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: Temps remain unseasonably coolTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday…

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Hope Hospice Fall Bereavement Groups »

Friday August 25, 2017 - 4:16:40 am | via Cape Cod Today »

Deck: For anyone experiencing grief or lossTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: HealthHub Category: Health…

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Drone Video Of Shark Prompts Closure Of Cape Cod Beach »

Thursday August 24, 2017 - 11:17:11 pm | via WordPress Tag Cape Cod »

TRURO (CBS) – Drone video of a great white shark prompted the closure of a Cape Cod beach Thursday a

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Two injured in Truro crash »

Thursday August 24, 2017 - 4:21:08 pm | via Cape Wide News »

TRURO – Two people were injured in a crash on Route 6 in Truro around 3 PM. The crash happened by the entrance to the Truro Transfer Station. It appeared a Mini Cooper struck the rear of a Chevy Equinox. The victims were taken to Cape Cod Hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. Truro…

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