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When Kimmy’s grandfather died, he left her parents his summer home near Cape Cod. The three-story house was covered in unkempt, overgrown thick vines and seemed to loom beneath a shadow no matter how brightly the sun shined.   Inside, the house was drowning in a layer of dust, and the antique furniture he possessed felt out of place in such a modern home. Her parents quickly got to work cleaning and switching out furniture the summer following his death, and slowly the house became warmer, comforting. Every summer from the time she was 7, Kimmy and her parents stayed at the house; Kimmy had even come to love the their new summer home. She loved the now green lawn and large windows no longer covered by vines; she loved the sound of the water nearby and the winding driveway; she loved everything about the house, except for the mirror in the hall.   The tall, wide mirror hung at the end of the main hall on the second floor near the staircase. It was encased by a dull gold frame and had been the only thing untouched by the dust when they first arrived. She hated walking by the mirror. Her reflection always seemed distorted and darker than necessary. At night, the mirror reflected an eerie glow, despite all lights being off.   Kimmy often heard her grandfather talk about the mirror, which is the main reason her parents never got rid of it. He loved the mirror as if it were his genie lamp, often gushing over how it showed him the future—most often all good things. The week leading to his death, her grandfather started becoming irritable, scared, and never muttered a word about the mirror until the night before he died.   “It’s watching me,” he said. “I’ve not long left; I’ve seen it in my future.”   The next morning he was found cold at the base of the staircase. The doctors concluded he must have fallen in the middle of the night—the fall had been too much on his 97-year-old body. It’d had been 12 years since his passing, and one year since her parents stopped coming to the house with her.   Kimmy didn’t mind being in the house alone, she’d grown used to the familiar aches and moans the house made. However, at night when she retired to her bedroom, the mirror—still hanging in its familiar place—made her feel uncomfortable as she walked by. At the end of her first night back, Kimmy began ascending the stairs when she heard an unfamiliar sound echo through the house.   It sounded as if something was cracking…glass maybe? Had a tree hit the window? Kimmy thought. Maybe, it was a windy evening. She continued toward the second floor quietly, listening to her surroundings. The sound had subsided momentarily, that was until she reached her bedroom door. The cracking began again, this time louder, more fierce. Kimmy looked over her left shoulder only to be horrified by the sight.   A thin, coal black arm was reaching toward her through the mirror; thick, pointed nails extended two or three inches from each finger. Kimmy couldn’t make her body move as the glass began to crack wider, exposing a shoulder and the lower jaw of something sporting yellow-stained, sharp teeth. The figure continued pushing itself through the mirror, bringing a wisp of black smoke with it, until its entire body fell into the hall.   Shown in the mirror, above where the creature came through, Kimmy saw herself, screaming in terror as she ran down the hall toward the guest bedroom, slamming its door shut and locking the handle. Kimmy watched as she rushed to the window, throwing it open as quickly as she could nudge the pane up, and pushed the screen off. She took one last look behind her at the door, only to see it creaking open, the long tendrils of the creature’s hand peaking around the edge.   Without another thought Kimmy watched as she put her legs to the other side of the window and jumped, one final scream escaping her lips before a sickening splat echoed into the hallway. Kimmy quickly thought about the landscape surrounding the house…there was grass covering three sides but the fourth gave way to rocks and boulders of all sizes. It was a way to keep high tides back during storms.   Was that the side by the guest bedroom? Suddenly she couldn’t remember. Her thoughts were interrupted by the creature gaining strength, slowing standing on its feet. It smiled at her the entire time, knowing exactly what would come next. It rared its head back before bellowing a high pitched yell so loud it pierced Kimmy’s ears, making her dizzy and disoriented.   She began running toward the end of the hall, but went into her parent’s room instead, pushing the door shut and locking it fast. Her head was starting to clear, but the room still swayed as she tried adjusting her eyes to the darkness. Kimmy’s brief break was shattered when the door behind her back began shaking violently, and the door handle started twisting.   She pushed away from the door and ran for the open window—strange, she didn’t remember opening it yesterday. Kimmy rubbed her head, confused as to what was happening. She needed to get out of the house and to her car, then she could drive away and be safe. Kimmy took one last look behind her at the door, only to see it creaking open, the long tendrils of the creature’s hand peaking around the edge.   Without another thought, Kimmy put her legs to the other side of the window and jumped, one final scream escaping her lips before she hit the ground. Kimmy breathed out one final time, liquid pooling from her head. She’d forgotten her parents had started remodeling the east side of the house beneath their window a couple years ago, but never finished, leaving behind large stacks of bricks.   The creature smiled down at Kimmy before slowly returning to its place behind the mirror. Just like her grandfather, Kimmy couldn’t change her future, no matter how hard she had tried to.

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