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Posted by Cape Cod Daily News via Hyannis News
Monday June 05, 2023 (3 months, 2 weeks ago)

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HYANNIS – [HN NOTES & MULLINGS ON THE MATTER] – First of all – and let me just say – I hope I don’t catch a bullet in the back of MY head for addressing this deeply disturbing video that just surfaced across social media over the weekend. And while I cannot fathom nor rationalize any sane reason why the owner of one of the town’s most popular nightclubs is seen on camera apparently telling a man to get out of HIS town while calling him the N-word and then seemingly threatening to put a bullet in the back of his head, I would like “to be fair” and keep an open mind… It was incredibly busy and violent in Hyannis and Yarmouth this past weekend. A weekend which saw 5 firearms being taken off the street by local cops at three separate volatile gun-involved situations, the most recent one being where an older man was beaten and robbed in the middle of a family neighborhood. And needless to say, HN was also extremely busy trying to cover it all… … and fast forward to this morning, I was also reluctantly looking forward to getting to bed, catching some Zs and starting the entire horror show all over again later today, Monday evening into Tuesday morning.  F M L ! But I haven’t been able to fall asleep yet today because something has been gnawing at my ass… something deeply disturbing for a wide range of reasons. The strongest reason being I had seen “the video” and it had made me sick. And also, because people were also calling and messaging, asking me why I hadn’t covered the sickening video yet. And I couldn’t fall asleep. How could I? So, here I am, dead tired, but unable to rest without first letting my readers know that I’m looking into the following video and the events leading up to it. And I’m posting an edited version of the video, along with my thoughts and mullings because I want everyone who reached out this morning to know for certain that I heard and received their messages of concern and that I’m looking into this gut-wrenching situation. I am also posting this on social media (FB) with the comments off for the time being, because I need a little sleep before fully getting into the heart of this awful thing. I’m sorry, but I really do need a little rest right now. But I have heard everyone loud and clear!  [DEVELOPING] I’ll end by saying that there’s absolutely NO room for any form of hate or blatantly racist b.s. in Hyannis, or anywhere else for that matter!  CAUTION: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS DEEPLY DISTURBING; VIEWER DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED.  [HN VIDEO – PRESS PLAY]   The post DEEPLY DISTURBING VIDEO SURFACES ON SOCIAL MEDIA first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

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security patrol property check service

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