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Tuesday January 24, 2023 (4 days, 23 hours ago)

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HN Image: Barnstable police officers guarding the entrance to Crocker Street after the shooting on December 28, 2022. INSERT: Mugshot of Kyle Mugford being booked into a Jefferson County jail last evening – 1/23/23 @ around 10:57 p.m.   JEFFERSON COUNTY, Kentucky – Early this morning, HN received a tip from a confidential source that Kyle Mugford had just been captured and booked into jail in Jefferson County, Kentucky. According to the source, Mugford was arrested and is being held pending extradition on a warrant out of Barnstable County for his alleged involvement in a shooting/robbery which occurred on December 28, 2022, on Crocker Street, in Hyannis.  (Further details regarding Mugford’s capture and arrest were unavailable at the time of this report.) A second suspect, Damein Gonsalves, was allegedly with Mugford during the night of the shooting. Gonsalves is accused of also being armed and masked during the robbery. Gonsalves reportedly turned himself in at Barnstable Police Headquarters just prior to this past New Year’s Eve weekend. He remained in BPD custody all weekend. Gonsalves was arraigned on Tuesday, 1/3/2023, and was ordered committed without bail to the Barnstable County Correctional Facility. During a hearing on Wednesday, 1/4/2023, “dangerousness” was found and Gonsalves currently remains at the correctional facility until his next court date, a probable cause hearing scheduled for 1/27/2023.   Mugford, who had not yet been captured (until last evening), was being fingered as the actual shooter and for allegedly also being masked during the December 2022 robbery, an eyewitness reportedly told police.  The same eyewitness was allegedly victimized during the “robbery.”   The police and detective reports filed in Barnstable District Court outline a gory shooting scene most foul, one that left a 19-year-old male with bullet holes, gushing blood, and fighting for his life while intubated during emergency surgery at Cape Cod Hospital. The pages of police reports on file bring us back to last December’s early-evening shooting on Crocker Street in Hyannis – 12/28/2022 @ 6:36 p.m. – where the first two Barnstable cops on scene needed to quickly apply tourniquets to both arms of the 19-year-old gunshot victim. Their immediate actions were crucial, ones that almost certainly saved the young man’s life. While tightening the devices in an effort to stop heavy bleeding, officers were also asking ‘who did this,’ with the young adult victim, a local male, reportedly horrified and stating he “was going to die” and that he “didn’t want to die!” And the young officers (one, a first-year “rookie”) did their utmost to prevent that from happening… According to first-year Officer Thomas Corbett’s report (the first Barnstable cop on scene), he found [the victim] “in the driver’s seat with gunshot wounds to both arms.” Patrolman Corbett quickly opened his med-bag and applied a tourniquet to the victim’s left arm while Patrolman Liam Loiselle arrived and quickly applied a tourniquet to the young man’s right arm. Once Hyannis FD Rescue arrived and took over care, both officers continued in full-investigative mode. The main eyewitness of the shooting was also a passenger in the same vehicle. When asked, the young adult male reportedly “immediately” told officers that “Kyle” (meaning Kyle Mugford) did the actual shooting. When Barnstable Police Detective Christopher Botsford also asked, the eyewitness reportedly said that he and the victim were on Crocker Street and supposed to meet someone for a “narcotics transaction.” AS THE STORY ALLEGEDLY GOES, the shooting victim and passenger were “hanging out,” waiting for their man, “when two males wearing dark clothing and masks walked up to the car and got in,” each pulling out “Glock style” handguns and pointing them at their heads, demanding they hand over their money and phones. Gonsalves reportedly had his gun pointed at the passenger’s head, while Mugford allegedly had his aimed at the driver’s head. (Mugford’s pistol reportedly had a green laser to assist with aiming.) After taking their money (about $100, along with some weed), the two masked robbers allegedly returned the phones and stepped out of the car. The passenger then alleges to have heard 3 to 4 gunshots as the driver began driving away, exclaiming he had been shot. With the passenger reportedly assisting to steer the vehicle, they both managed to make it about two hundred yards west down Crocker Street, and into a fenced-in parking lot behind 200 Main Street, where they called for police. The eyewitness reportedly recognized the voices of both suspects.  The eyewitness reportedly had gone to school with Gonsalves. The eyewitness also reportedly picked Mugford and Gonsalves out of police “photo arrays” later in the investigation. According to Officer Loiselle’s report, “I asked [the gunshot victim] if he was able to identify who did this. [The victim] stated several times to me that it [was] Kyle who shot him. I attempted to get further information out of [the victim] but he kept [responding] that it was Kyle, and he robbed them.” Investigators collected and documented two 9mm shell casings discovered in the parking lot across from 15 Crocker Street. The victim’s vehicle, a black Honda Civic, reportedly had at least two gunshot holes, one in a driver-side window, another in the back of the driver’s seat. Mugford had allegedly been seated behind the driver, while Gonsalves had allegedly been seated behind the passenger. In the emergency room, the victim’s clothing had been cut from his body and he reportedly needed to be intubated prior to surgery. According to a narrative report by Detective Nicholas Atcheson of the Barnstable Police Department: “A tourniquet was still applied to the upper area of each of his arms. A piece of red sweatshirt had been cut and remained under the tourniquet on the [the victim’s] left arm. I observed a wound consistent with a gun shot on the upper area of [the victim’s] right arm and another wound that was covered with [a] bandage on [the victim’s] lower forearm area of his left arm. There was also a fresh burn mark that was observed on [the victim’s] left thigh. This burn mark was approximately 1 inch wide and in a circular shape. Barnstable County Sheriff’s Crime Scene Investigator Jason Arthurs arrived on scene and photographed the visible injuries to [the victim] and secured [his] clothing. “After [the victim] was brought to the Operating Room we located a small bullet projectile on the floor where [the victim’s] stretcher was. This projectile appeared to be the same size and shape of the burn mark [on the victim’s] left leg. This projectile was secured by Arthurs.” Barnstable police requested and obtained arrest warrants for both Mugford and Gonsalves for Assault to Murder, Robbery Armed and Masked, Discharge Firearm 500 FT of Building, and Possess Firearm without an FID Card. Kyle Mugford had been at large from the night of the shooting until last evening. Police had cautioned the public that he was considered to be armed and dangerous. At the time of this report, Mugford remains in custody in Jefferson County, Kentucky, awaiting extradition back to Barnstable County, Massachusetts… where he is expected to be arraigned on Assault to Murder, Robbery Armed and Masked, Discharge Firearm 500 FT of Building, and Possess Firearm without an FID Card. The following is a copy of Mugford’s booking sheet from last evening:   * The details contained in the above report are based on documents filed in court, police radio transmissions and information on scene. The defendants are presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. What about the shooting victim? According to the most recent update from a family member of the 19-year-old shooting victim, he had undergone two surgeries and was in the ICU for a period of time. He sustained severe injuries, and both of his arms were broken. He was awake and talking, but in an extreme amount of pain. He reportedly has very limited movement in his arms and is unable to use his hands at this time. The young adult male victim has what was described as “an extremely difficult and long recovery” period ahead of him. He was expected to need help with his daily living chores, and the overall recovery process could last “multiple” years. It is hopeful, but uncertain, if he will ever regain full function of his arms. (HN hopes to have more updates regarding the 19-year-old shooting victim in the months ahead.) The following HN Video highlights the shooting scene and police radio transmissions from the night of the shooting on Crocker Street. [HN VIDEO – PRESS PLAY]   *** IF you appreciate the time and effort that goes into presenting HN content, please contribute a little to help keep our cameras rolling! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE. MUCHAS THANK YOUS! (HN doesn’t charge a subscription fee and every donation helps keep the “show on the road,” so to speak… ***   P.S. – Today’s Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by the late, great Arthur Prysock! [CLICK IT/CRANK IT!]     *** IF you appreciate the time and effort that goes into presenting HN content, please contribute a little to help keep our cameras rolling! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE. MUCHAS THANK YOUS! (HN doesn’t charge a subscription fee and every donation helps keep the “show on the road,” so to speak… ***   The post ***  BREAKING ***  MAN WHO ALLEGEDLY SHOT 19-YEAR-OLD DURING HYANNIS ROBBERY CAPTURED IN KENTUCKY first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

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security patrol property check service

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