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Thursday December 22, 2022 (5 months, 2 weeks ago)

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“Friends are God’s way of apologizing to us for our families” ~ Tennessee Williams   HYANNIS – [HN NOTES] – HN reported this past Friday about an alleged armed home invasion which resulted in a high-risk traffic stop and arrest. CLICK HERE for HN’s initial report entitled, “BARNSTABLE POLICE INVESTIGATING ARMED HOME INVASION… ONE INDIVIDUAL IN CUSTODY AFTER HIGH-RISK STOP.” And this past Monday HN followed up with footage of Friday’s police take down on Independence Drive. The HN reader footage shows what appears to be a high-risk traffic stop, with a white BMW SUV pulled over ahead of several police vehicles. Officers had their guns drawn and pointed toward the BMW. The driver had his hands out the window, while a passenger began walking backwards with his hands up above his head. CLICK HERE for HN’s follow up report with updated video entitled, “POLICE TAKEDOWN RELATED TO ALLEGED HYANNIS HOME INVASION.” In the hours and days that followed, official details related to the alleged armed home invasion were unavailable, until now. There’s always more to just about any story. And there are typically two or more different sides to any given story. The following, based on reports filed in Barnstable District Court, is a bit of insight into what the Barnstable Police are currently saying about the matter: On Friday, December 16, 2022, Barnstable Police Patrol Officer Kristina Gustafson was reportedly patrolling Hyannis in a marked police cruiser. Shortly before noon, Ptl. Gustafson was dispatched to an apartment at Cromwell Court, after a maintenance worker noticed a footprint on a door that appeared to have been “kicked in.” Ptl. Gustafson made contact with two occupants, a male and a female, at the apartment in question and observed the reported footprint on their apartment’s door, along with a broken lock. Ptl. Gustafson was reportedly told that at around 8:30 p.m. the night before, a masked adult male wearing a black ski mask had kicked in their apartment door while brandishing a handgun. There was reportedly a second male behind him, also wearing a black ski mask. The first male through the door was immediately recognized as Darryn Boswell, the brother of the male occupant already inside the apartment. The female occupant reportedly yelled at Darryn to leave her apartment, or else she was going to call the police. Instead of leaving, Darryn reportedly grabbed her cell phone to prevent her from calling the cops. Around this time the male occupant confronted Darryn, reportedly knowing it was, in fact, his very own brother, due to the familiar “intruder’s” recognizable mannerisms, voice, and eyes. The male occupant also reported having seen the second male somewhere else before, but he did not know his name. Both brothers had reportedly been in an argument over computer equipment. Darryn had allegedly been yelling at his brother to give him his computer monitor while holding the handgun. After arguing, Darryn reportedly fled outside to the rear of the apartment complex, still in possession of the female’s cell phone. The female reportedly then yelled at Darryn’s brother to grab the computer monitor so she could get her cell phone back. The male (Darryn’s brother) reportedly did as he was told, grabbed the computer monitor and ran outside to where his brother Darryn was. Darryn then allegedly threw the cell phone at his brother and “took off with the unknown male.” When asked why the incident wasn’t reported the night before, the female reportedly told Ptl. Gustafson that she was in fear of the “Department of Children and Families” getting involved. (The partially redacted report indicates there may have been a child present during the alleged home invasion.) Both apartment occupants reportedly stated they were going to Barnstable District Court to obtain restraining and harassment orders against Darryn. A DCF case worker was ultimately notified regarding the incident. The male stated to officers that earlier in the week he was with his brother Darryn at his mom’s house. The two had been arguing when Darryn’s brother noticed a silver revolver on a bureau. Darryn’s brother had been worried about him “acting more violent” lately and “felt uncomfortable leaving the revolver” in his possession. Darryn’s brother reportedly took the revolver, along with a separate magazine with ammo in it, and placed both items inside a locked box in the trunk of the female occupant’s vehicle parked back at Cromwell Court. A member of the sheriff’s crime scene investigation unit arrived to take photos of the footprint and broken door lock. “A query of Darryn Boswell revealed that he has 9 registered firearms and an active LTC,” according to Ptl. Gustafson’s report. Barnstable Police Detectives were notified and arrived at the Cromwell Court apartment to assist. Investigators went outside to collect the revolver from the female occupant’s vehicle. The revolver was reportedly contained inside a Bank of America bag with a “blue flag mask rapped around it.” Photos were taken of the contents inside vehicle’s trunk, including the lockable case, magazine, and revolver. Investigators learned that Darryn reportedly drives his mom’s BMW X1. Detectives then went to Darryn’s place of employment to see if his mom’s car was there. It wasn’t. So, investigators then went to the mother’s South Yarmouth address to see if the BMW was parked there. It was. A detective remained in the area of the mother’s address, to keep an eye on the BMW. At around 3:30 p.m., just over three hours into the investigation, the detective staking out the mother’s address reported two individuals wearing long jackets and hoods getting into the BMW. The BMW left the residence, driving toward the highway. The detective followed. Around this time, members of the Cape Cod Regional SWAT Team sprung into action. As the detective followed the BMW into Barnstable, SWAT members scrambled and began closing in on the detective’s updated location. As you will hear, the following HN Videos contain actual radio communications leading up to the traffic stop. The SWAT commander was worried about too much traffic and civilians being nearby when they executed their high-risk stop. As you will hear, timing and potentially less than optimistic nearby parking lots were also a factor. The decision was made to execute the stop on Independence Drive at the intersection of Mary Dunn Road. A portion of that actual high-risk stop can be seen in following updated HN Video (see below). After successfully initiating the high-risk stop, officers identified the two individuals and learned that Darryn was NOT inside the vehicle. It was then that Darryn’s mother told officers her son was currently at work. And just moments later, officers drove toward Darryn’s nearby place of employment. As officers arrived, Darryn reportedly walked over to officers and said, “are you looking for me?”  They were. Back at Barnstable Police Headquarters, Darryn was formally booked. During an interview with detectives, Darryn reportedly explained his ongoing beef with his brother. His brother was said to have some of his stuff, and he wanted it back. Darryn’s brother reportedly had his laptop, some shoes, and various items of clothing. The entire alleged “armed home invasion while masked” had been over stuff that wasn’t being returned, despite Darryn asking his brother “multiple times,” according the BPD report. Darryn reportedly told detectives that he knew his revolver was missing and asked his brother if he had it. His brother reportedly denied having the handgun. Darryn reportedly told detectives that on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, he went to the Cromwell Court apartment looking for his brother. He wanted to ask him for his stuff back. He told detectives he heard his brother and the female inside, but they refused to answer. Darryn then reportedly said he waited a while, but then left. Darryn then reportedly told detectives that on Thursday, December 15, 2022, at around what he believed to be 5:30 p.m., he returned and knocked on the Cromwell Court apartment door again. He reportedly stated he had asked his “best friend” Ethan to go with him this time for “assistance.” Darryn then reportedly told detectives that after a while of knocking and waiting, hearing his brother inside with the female, “he knocked down the door with his boot” and, once again, asked for his stuff back. If what Darryn reportedly told detectives is accurate, the reunion with his sibling and the female friend descended into an “argument” for some odd reason, and he explained simply taking the female’s phone as “collateral” until he got his stuff back. The phone as collateral strategy wasn’t working, so both he and Ethan left through the rear door, Darryn reportedly told detectives. Darryn then reportedly told detectives that he went home, and his brother then called him… and they came to an agreement that stipulated he would get his stuff back and his brother’s female friend would get her phone.  (And everyone would live happily ever after.  The phone as collateral strategy may have been about to pay off after all!)  At some point he then arrived back at Cromwell Courts and the exchange was made, Darryn reportedly told investigators. Now here’s what Darryn reportedly told detectives about the handgun he had on him during the door booting misunderstanding: “Darryn admitted to having his Glock 19 inside his waistband when he kicked down the door and entered the apartment. Darryn said he carries it inside his waistband without a holster. Darryn stated he was grabbing onto his pistol so it wouldn’t slide down his pants. Darryn said he was wearing a small sweatshirt and it’s possible that [the female and his brother] saw the pistol when he raised his hands. Darryn denied ever taking it out of his waistband.” (HN SIDE NOTE: Don’t you just hate when a loose handgun slides down inside your pants during a door booting experience?) “Darryn was advised by Detective Johnson that a search warrant for [his mom’s residence in South Yarmouth, where he apparently also resides] was applied for and granted and issued by Clerk Magistrate Bright. Darryn stated he has a safe that contains most of his firearms and that there were two inside his closet under some clothes.” Darryn’s LTC was reportedly seized pending this investigation. Darryn was reportedly told all his firearms would also be seized and held for safe keeping. Darryn’s boots were reportedly photographed as evidence. The boots worn were said to be consistent with the markings on the apartment door. Darryn Boswell, of South Yarmouth, was arrested and charged with Home Invasion, Vandalizing Property, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (firearm), and Intimidation of a Witness. The following evidence was reportedly located and seized in Darryn’s bedroom during the execution of the search warrant on Friday, 12/16/2022 at approximately 6:00 p.m:
  •  Shotgun with one round in the chamber (4” barrel)
  • Shotgun with pistol type rear grip and wood fore end grip, unloaded
  • Tippmann .22LR, unloaded, no magazine
  • Taurus 9mm pistol, unloaded, no magazine
  • 3 empty pistol magazines
  • Smith & Wesson M&P pistol, tan color, unloaded, magazine with 9 rounds
  • Empty Taurus magazine
  • Box and small case of shotgun shell ammunition
  The aforementioned items were all reportedly found inside a safe inside Darryn’s bedroom. The following items were also reportedly located and seized from inside Darryn’s bedroom:
  • a Ruger box containing 2 magazines and 13 rounds, located on a top closet shelf
  • ammunition inside a case located underneath the bed
  • a Ruger LC9S 9mm pistol inside kydex holster, 1 magazine, loaded + 1 round in the chamber
  • a Glock/Polymer80 9mm pistol, no holster, 1 magazine, loaded + 1 round in the chamber
  As a result of evidence reportedly found during the search warrant, Darryn Boswell is also being charged with two separate counts of Improper Storage of a Firearm, for the Ruger and Glock pistols. Also, according to detectives, Darryn gave them consent to conduct a forensic download on his cell phone. Darryn reportedly told detectives of a text message on his phone related to the door booting incident. Darryn’s “best friend” Ethan reportedly told detectives they were wearing ski masks during the door booting incident. …………………………………………….. During Boswell’s arraignment Monday, December 19, 2022, a Motion for Detention was made because of the serious Home Invasion charge. Another reason given for the Motion for Detention was the “nature and seriousness of the danger posed to any person or to the community that would result in the defendant’s release.” An order of conditional release was instead issued by the judge who heard the motion. The following are the conditions of Darryn’s release:
  • Defendant will not commit a federal, state or local crime during the period of release.
  • Defendant will avoid contact with the alleged victims.
  • Defendant will not possess a firearm, destructive device, or other dangerous weapon.
  • Defendant will abide by the restraining order issued after his door booting incident.
  • (Defendant will say one Our Father and Three Hail Marys, along with an Act of Contrition of his choosing – strike all that about the prayers and contrition, I must have accidently misread one of the court docs… sorry about that!)
  *** UPDATED VIDEO *** POLICE TAKEDOWN RELATED TO ALLEGED HYANNIS HOME INVASION [PRESS PLAY] *** INITIAL VIDEO AND FULL AUDIO *** BARNSTABLE POLICE INVESTIGATING ARMED HOME INVASION.. ONE INDIVIDUAL IN CUSTODY AFTER HIGH-RISK STOP [PRESS PLAY] * The details contained in the above report are based on police radio transmissions, police documents filed in Barnstable District Court, other court filings, and information from HN sources. The defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. P.S. – Today’s Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Coleman Hawkins… [CLICK IT/CRANK IT!] The post VICTIM IDENTIFIES MASKED HOME INVADER AS VERY OWN BROTHER, COPS SAY first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

Full Story at Hyannis News

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security patrol property check service

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