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Friday November 18, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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I can’t make any more promises or keep having personal aspirations of updating my blog as much as I like. Since I write for a living, writing for fun is more of a tedious task, but I do want to keep a diary of these times on the road.   So….from Cape Cod back to Florida…   Lance was initially looking and booking spots in Port Richey, but when he found a place we could stay for 6 months in that area, I immediately knew I wanted to look elsewhere in Florida.   I spent three days calling all the RV spots in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, and down to Naples, trying to find a six month location. I was coming up with mostly 2-3 month stays, but nothing available for the entire six winter months.   I finally found one last spot in Naples at a nice RV park, and shortly thereafter, I got a call from a place in Fort Myers Beach, a mile from Fort Myers Pier, that had just had a cancellation and a spot open up!   Given the spot in Fort Myers Beach (FMB) was less than a mile from the beach, the FMB pier and Times Square, it was a no brainer. We were so excited to be smack dab in FMB for six months this winter, the perfect location.   We decided to stay in Cape Code a week longer, to say our goodbyes to Molly and Jimmy and people around the park. Thank God we did.   A day before we were finally scheduled to leave the Cape, Hurricane Ian started forming, and we decided to delay our trip south even further to see how it played out. At its start, Ian was projected to make landfall around Tampa – where all our Florida friends were located, and where we lived last winter.   Overnight, Ian took a turn and landed on Sanibel Island/Fort Myers Beach. It horrifically decimated the entire area, and it will be years before they fully recover.   The RV Park we were heading to found itself ten feet under water, along with the rest of San Carlos Island. Even today, almost two months later, the entire area is still devastated. It’s truly heartbreaking.   We hope to make it down to FMB at some point this winter, even if for a night, just to give some support to the local restaurants and shops.   As far as a place to stay for the winter, thankfully we had previously sent a deposit to a place in the Port Richey area, for November – January. We would have to figure out February, March and April, but at least we had a back up.   So, after a two week delay leaving Cape Cod, we started our trip down south. The day we headed on the road, another park in the Port Richey area gave us a call. They had ONE spot open up for the entire six months period, so we jumped on the opportunity. At least we had a guaranteed spot for six months, and that was a blessing.   Packing up to leave Cape Cod   We took our time and spent three weeks slowly travelling south. Our first stop was in Avon, Connecticut. Lynn, our friend from Old Chatham RV Resort, invited us to stay at her home on our way down to Florida.   We initially planned to stay with Lynn for a few days, but Connecticut, and the town of Avon, was so adorable, we ended up staying for six days! The fall colors were out of this world. It was the first fall I had ever seen in real life. Avon, Connecticut is such a cute little area! So many hiking trails, biking trails, and small little towns. Even the cats LOVED the area!   Lynn and Michael (her amazing boyfriend) made us feel at home and we had a blast with them every night! Thank you both for your hospitality, we love you guys!                             We left Avon, CT and figured out day-by-day where we would stay for the night. The first night  on the road we stayed at Pine Hill RV Park in Kutztown, PA. The next day we travelled to Petersburg, VA and stayed at South Forty RV Resort & Campground. That night, we decided we wanted to check out Myrtle Beach, SC, and booked three nights at Myrtle Beach Travel Park, right on the beach.                 As soon as we pulled in that Thursday afternoon, we knew we needed to stay longer to explore all Myrtle Beach had to offer! Our three night stay quickly turned into an eleven night stay.   While we were there, we were able to do a minor fix on our truck. The issue with the truck first happened in July this year, and I stated back then that I thought there was dirt in the bearings. Three mechanics on the Cape couldn’t diagnose it and thought it was a faulty sensor. We unhooked on Thursday, and I immediately made an appointment and was able to bring my truck in Friday afternoon. Sure enough, there was dirt on the bearings. If I hadn’t been so adamant that something was up with the truck, it could have caused our brakes to completely lock up, so I’m glad I did not let up on that one!   We explored a few beaches, checked out downtown Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, mini golf, and a few bars. I even caught an east coast sunrise on the beach, it was absolutely gorgeous! It’s a fun little town and likely a stop on our travels north and south while we’re on the east coast.                                               On Sunday the 30th, the Eagles and Steelers played. Lance went to a Steelers bar, I went to an Eagles bar. It’s always fun to find Eagles fans in different cities! Eagles won, GO BIRDS!   We left Myrtle Beach on a Monday, made one last stop at McIntosh Lake RV Park in Townsend, Ga, and finally landed in Porty Richey on November 2.   As ya’ll know, I like to keep stats on our long journeys. From Cape Cod, MA to Port Richey, Florida our stats are as follows:   Miles:              1,607   Gas:                 $578   Roadkill:         472   Stops:              5   Since we’ve landed in Port Richey we’ve been able to explore a bit of the area. I was also luckily able to meet up with Faith and Troy – yes, the infamous Faith and Troy from Bothe Napa Valley State Park!! We paddled the Crystal River to Three Sisters Springs. This is a special location as it was my first paddle in Florida last year, and the springs actually close down to paddlers from November 15 – April, as the manatees flock by the hundreds to keep warm in the year round 75 degree spring waters.   Next week we have a Caribbean Cruise planned, and the second Saturday of December we have Weeki Wachee Springs paddleboarding booked with a large paddleboarding group down here.                 Excited for our second winter in Florida, and looking forward to meeting new people and making lots of new friends!   Til next time, TOODLES!

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