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Tuesday September 27, 2022 (2 months ago)

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HYANNIS –  As you will see in the following HN Video which contains amazing reader footage, police had been chasing a fleeing driver of a vehicle which had just allegedly struck two other vehicles.  The footage begins right after a Barnstable Police K9 (car E251) was deployed to apprehend the driver who was apparently still in the front seat of the fleeing vehicle.  According to witnesses and sound from the vehicle stop, the driver was allegedly trying to choke the K9 and would not initially let go of the dog.  You can hear officers telling the suspect to let go of the dog.  The HN readers who sent in the following footage were initially shocked at the intensity of the situation but were able to quickly figure out that the driver had likely just fled a crash scene.  (The readers who sent in the footage wished to remain anonymous.) The following HN Video begins with police radio transmissions leading up to the K9 apprehension on Route 132. According to sources, K9 Alex, K9 handler Patrolman Nolan O’Melia, and all other officers on scene escaped the violent encounter uninjured.  The suspect was transported to Cape Cod Hospital in custody, to be treated for injuries consistent with a K9 apprehension.  CAUTION –  THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS FOOTAGE OF A POLICE K9 APPREHENSION OF A FLEEING SUSPECT.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. [HN VIDEO –  PRESS PLAY] *  The initial details contained in the above report are based on police radio transmissions and information on scene. All defendants are presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.    The post ***  WATCH ***  DRIVER ALLEGEDLY STRIKES TWO CARS, FLEES SCENE, FLEES FROM POLICE… TRIED TO STRANGLE POLICE K9, WITNESSES SAY… [HN READER VIDEO] first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

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security patrol property check service

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