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Tuesday September 13, 2022 (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

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“When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream of beauty glides away”—Sarah Helen Whitman   Stops: Atlantic Oaks Campground, Eastham, MA, July 22-28 and September 8-13, 2022. Miles: 302   September’s Harvest Moon made its arrival the first night of camping on our second trip this year to Cape Cod.   Our second camping trip this summer to Cape Cod began after three days of solid rain, hard and fast, filling up the dry river beds after a long hot summer in the Catskills. Nothing like listening to the rain on a tin roof over a screened porch while watching the mist rise over the mountains. I didn’t mind that this storm lasted as long as it did or that company visiting were forced to enjoy this pleasure along with me.   On the third day of this soaker and a cooking food fest between long conversations, it was time to say goodbye to them, pack up Miss Pickle and head to familiar territory, Cape Cod.   As much as I love how a good rain forces us inside to slow down, take up a good book or movie; Eastham, Massachusetts had nothing but mostly sunny skies ahead for our trip. We have been lucky with weather the last several visits.                                 The food fest continued as we ate every meal at our campground enjoying great seafood and farm stand fresh vegetables. There’s something about sitting around the campground which begs those in attendance to just sit and share stories.         Despite rough surf, the weekend after Labor Day proved to be a perfect summer shoulder season getaway.   The Cape is a special place. The moment I cross the state line into Massachusetts a familiar sense of joy fills me.   In a blog post from last summer, I mentioned family trips as a kid here in the 1960s and 70s. I’m fortunate to share these memories with my own children who have experienced this beautiful place when they were young and are visiting it again in their 20s, seeing it through a different lens.   While my children, like most kids, only see their parents as adults never having been young, it’s great to share stories from our youth.   Car ride stories are good for laughs.   For me, most of the fun took place on the trip there and back. Aside from making bets on who’d be in the water first, our antics kicked off as we all fought for a spot on the way back seat.   My mom’s blue Ford station wagon’s back facing bench seat delivered a stage for us to perform. During road trips we’d bounce along, out from under the prying eyes of our parents upfront. My sister and I traded mashed up faces with other motorists while my little brother outdid both of us as he smeared his lips and tongue across the window. Just as our antics reached a fever pitch, mom’s elastic arm darted out of nowhere to wipe our toothy grins away or to grab one of us before hitting the back hatch at full force in a sudden stop.   No seatbelts let us expel energy in the car prior to arriving at our destination the generation to follow will never experience. Safety? What safety! One minute choking with laughter the next holding our cheeks as they stung with surprise as my mother’s hand sliced through the air with exact precision to shut us up.   The invention of the seatbelt shut this fun down, while saving lives, road trips were never the same.  When I became a mom, I was never able to reach my kids as they were strapped tightly into their seats like tiny astronauts and me their captain. The debauchery tamed by how far their little arms could reach and the sounds from the backseat either joy or pain would stand till we reached a rest stop or our destination.   They too will have their stories to pass down from car trips.   Now as I got closer to Cape Cod watching as the low scrub pine replace the vegetation from the mainland and sand spills out over the asphalt on the road, it won’t be long.             Beach scenes from The Duck Pond one of 20 named kettle ponds scattered throughout Cape Cod, and Marconi Beach, part of the National Seashore more information on kettle ponds here: [https:] As soon as camp was set up it was time for a walk to breathe in the fresh salt air and relish the satisfaction of chomping down fried clams and a lobster roll. This was a great way to end our camping season; the beach and more great summer food with family. Till next year we say so long to summer, savoring and indulging in the last of all its flavors.                         Some scenes from Provincetown: the Salt Marsh at First Pilgrim’s Park sports a happy face, the town is well worth the visit with its vast gardens, boutiques, restaurants, bars and gift shops. Since the Queen had just passed, there were many tributes in her memory.

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