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Friday August 26, 2022 (3 months, 1 week ago)

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The following are some of our shared experiences.    On August 26, 1967 Diane and I were married at St. Lawrence O’Toole R.C. Church in Brewster, N.Y.  What a long strange trip it’s been.  Fifty-five years.  There have been many shared milestones.   We both grew up in small towns.  For Diane Brewster and Carmel, NY; for me Bristol, PA.    We both had stable, friendly families.  Parents we enjoyed being with and younger siblings that remained close.  Hawley, Diane’s brother; Cissi, Vicky, Marylee, Liz, my sisters.   Going to college in Boston gave us a affinity for New England.  Many of our vacation trips have been to N.E.   After my graduation, we joined the Peace Corps, training in Bisbee, AZ, headed to Libya until Ganddafi took over and expelled the P.C.  Unfortunately we didn’t find another program.       Post P.C. we traveled the country for several months in a Chevy wagon with volunteers Arthur and Susie Ward.  Our “on the road trip.”   Back in Bristol PA, my hometown we both became teachers.  For me a Catholic Elementary and then High School; for Diane Special Education.    We attended Quaker Meeting in Yardley and soon moved to a rental house on the canal in the borough.  Small town.   In 1971 we rented a house with John and Barbara Paglione on Old York Road in New Hope.   We had new summer work experiences in New Hope, for several years,  Diane worked at Japan Artisans in town; I worked on Ed and Paul Daniels’ farms in Pineville.    We became close friends with Rodney and Ragna Hamilton (a Holocaust survivor).    We both went back to college, an education degree for Diane from Trenton State; an MA and Ed.D for me from Temple.    Jenny was born.  Fireworks for us.  For several years we chartered a 30 foot sailboat in Rock Hall, MD on the Chesapeake with Susan and Jerry Taylor.  The Alonzo’s, Taylors, Pagliones, Sears, Dyes, Corley’s, Gallaghers, became close friends from college, work and Yardley.    We bought a small house, 121 N. Delaware Ave, in Yardley borough between the Delaware Canal and Delaware river.  In the 1980s we built a major addition to the house.    Jenny grew; a delight.    We continued working, Diane for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit; for me, Holy Ghost Prep.    In 1976 we made our first joint trip to Europe — England and Scotland.  Ireland, Germany-Italy-Switzerland-France-Holland, then Denmark-Norway followed in trips.  Then Germany-Italy.  All were about five weeks.        For ten years we rented Rattlesnake Bank on Polpis Road in Nantucket.  A great isolated rental cottage, beaches, biking, hiking, history, restaurants, music and speakers — Nantucket had it all.    Jenny got married to Robert Kwait.    Our grandson, Eli and grand daughter, Vivienne were born.    We enjoy quite a few 2 to 4 night get-aways from the Outer Banks, Chesapeake Bay,  N.J., PA, NY and New England.  Maine is a favorite.    We enjoyed food shopping at farm markets and speciality stores, gardening and cooking.    We both like reading history and visiting historical sites.    When the Nantucket cottage was sold we began renting in Orleans, Cape Cod on Pilgrim Lake, then Aryes Pond.  About ten years now with Jenny, Rob, Eli and Viv.   We elevated our house in 2007 after three floods.        We retired in 2014.    We spent a week on an archaeological dig at Monticello, James Madison’s house in VA.    Weekly lunches at favorite and newly discovered local restaurants is a fun activity for us.    We see our grandkids in Gladwyne or Yardley almost once a week.    Tonight we are headed to a new Cape restaurant, Swan River Seafood.  Until next year.                           

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