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Wednesday August 17, 2022 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

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  BARNSTABLE –  As you will see and hear in the following HN Video, Richard Collins, age 71, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, was charged with the vehicular homicide of 18-year-old Sam Needham of Centerville today in Barnstable District Court. The official charges are as follows: 1. Motor Vehicle Homicide while Operating Under the Influence of Liquor 2. Leaving the Scene of an Accident Causing Death 3. Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle 4. Failure to Stop/Yield 5. State Highway Traffic Violation The following is the actual Barnstable Police report, prepared by Patrolman Matthew Lounsbury of the Accident Reconstruction Unit: “On 08/16/22 at approximately 1153 Ptl. Harmon as dispatched to Super Stop & Shop at 3900 Falmouth Rd in Marstons Mills for a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle. Ptl Heise was also dispatched to the scene to assist. At 1156 dispatch advised CPR was being performed on scene in the roadway. Several more police units were dispatched to the scene along with myself. First responding officers on scene [ ] observed citizens conducting CPR on male subject laying in the west bound lane of Rte 28. This subject was later identified as [name redacted] (referred to as V1 in this report). It was determined that V1 was operating a 2000 motorcycle… V1 was west bound on Rte 28 in the left lane passing through the intersection to the entrance to Super Stop & Shop. Several witnesses observed a black truck that was heading east on Rte. 28. Witnesses stated the truck took a left from the left turn lane to enter Super Stop & Shop. Witnesses stated that the truck had a red light and the motorcycle had a green light. Witnesses stated the truck cut in front of the motorcycle causing the motorcycle to crash. The black truck pulled into the Super Stop & Shop and parked. According to witnesses the operator of the truck got out of his vehicle and stared at V1 in the road. Witnesses took photographs of the truck and with partial views of the driver. The driver of the truck also denied being involved in the crash to witnesses. The driver got back in his truck and left the scene. Witness photos of the truck displayed it was a black Chevy pickup with a cap on it with MA/PC license plate 6GR346 on the rear of the truck. The operator was described as barefoot with sand on his feet, blue/gray shirt with dark shorts. Witnesses also observed a dog in the back of the truck. A BOLO was called into [ ] dispatch by Sgt McKenna for the truck, license plate # 6GR346. A registry check revealed the truck was owned by Richard P. Collins, [redacted] of 49 Skytop Rd, Ipswich, MA. Dispatch sent out a regional BOLO to surrounding departments. A short time after the BOLO was sent out Mashpee PD advised they had a local in-house record for Collins residing at 47 Galleon Wy in Marstons Mills. Ptl. Morrison responded to that address at 1227. Ptl. Morrison advised that the truck was parked in the driveway with a matching front plate from the BOLO. Ptl Morrison along with Det Sgt Cunningham observed the house and vehicle while parked a few houses away. V1 was transported from the crash to scene to Cape Cod Hospital (CCH) by COMM FD. A short time after arriving [at] CCH V1 was pronounced deceased at 1236 by Dr Nathan Rudman. Notifications were made to the family and they responded to CCH. BCI officers responded to the crash scene and took photographs. I took drone photographs of the scene. All evidence was marked on the roadway. Several items that came off the motorcycle from the crash were secured for evidence… Based on witness statements and observations [at] the scene it was determined that the black truck, bearing MA/PC 6GR346 failed to stop for the left red arrow traffic light at the entrance to Super Stop & Shop while heading east on Rte 28. The truck turned into the west bound lane of Rte 28 causing a motorcycle to brake hard coming right towards the truck. The motorcycle locked up its tires making a skid mark for several feet ultimately making the operator (V1) of the motorcycle lose control. V1 was ejected from the motorcycle and landed in the roadway causing severe trauma resulting in his death. The truck failed to stop for the red light and also failed to use care making the left turn. Witnesses observed the truck park in the plaza and the operator get out of his truck and stare at V1 laying in the road. The operator then left the crash scene without identifying himself (even stated to one witness that he didn’t see the crash). At approximately 1405 Sgt. Perry, Ptl Harmon and I responded to 47 Galleon Wy. I observed the Chevy truck in the driveway. The truck was backed into the driveway. I observed damage to the rear right tire/wheel and mud flap. I walked up the steps to the front door. The main door was open with a screen door closed. I observed a male subject laying on the couch in the living room. I observed a set of keys on a coffee table next to the male subject. I called out to the male subject and announced I was a Barnstable Police Officer. The subject opened his eyes and responded. He stated he was Richard Collins. After I spoke a dog ran from the other room and began barking at me. I requested Collins put the dog in another room. As he grabbed his dog by the collar he almost fell over. Collins took the dog away and then came out the screen door onto the front steps. I observed Collins to be unsteady on his feet and swaying as he walked in the house. I identified myself again providing my name and position. Collins stated he owned the truck. I asked Collins if anyone else drives his truck, he stated no, no one else drives it. I asked Collins if he drove his truck today, he stated yes. Collins stated that he drove to Oregon Beach and came back home. Oregon Beach is west of his residence, Galleon Wy is off of Brigantine Ave which connects to Rte 28. After speaking with Collins I detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. His eyes were blood shot and glassy. Collins was slow in answering questions and did not seem very confident with his answers. I asked Collins if he drove by the Super Stop & Shop today in Marstons Mills, he stated yes. I asked him if he turned into the plaza and if he was going to a store, Collins stated no. Collins stated he never went into the plaza. I asked Collins if he had any alcoholic drinks today, he initially answered no. He then stated “I drank when I got home after the crash.” I observed Collins to have sand on his legs and feet. He was wearing green/blue dark shorts and a blue shirt. Sgt. Perry advised Collins of his Miranda Rights off a rights card. At this point, I placed Collins under arrest for Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury/Death, Motor Vehicle Homicide OUI. Ptl Harmon handcuffed Collins according to BPD Policy & Procedure. Collins was transported to the BPD Facility for booking. BCI responded to 47 Galleon Wy for photographs of the vehicle. Davis Towing removed the vehicle and it was transported to the BPD Facility and secured in the wash bay. As Ptl Harmon escorted Collins into booking Collins was unsteady on his feet and swayed over to the left and back to the right as he walked up [to] the desk. Collins stated he did not understand why he was at the station even though he was advised several times of his charges. Sgt Desruisseaux conducted the booking with myself and Ptl Harmon present. Collins agreed to a breath test. I administered the breath test resulting in BAC of .19%. Collins was given a copy of the breath test and notice of suspension for his license. Collins was fingerprinted and photographs were taken of his legs and feet. I observed sand on his feet and legs as indicated by witnesses at the crash scene. I issued citations 557407AB and 557418AB for 90/24G(a) Motor Vehicle Homicide OUI-Liquor & Negligent, 90/24B-Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury & Death, 89/9-Stop/Yield, Fail to, 720CMR9.06-Fail to Use Care Starting/Stopping/Turning and 90/24E-Neglegent Operation of Motor Vehicle. No BOP on file. Last RMV driving history was listed in 1993.” …………………………………….. CLICK HERE to visit a fundraiser set up for the family of Sam Needham, the victim of yesterday’s hit-and-run crash. …………………………………….. The following HN Video show today’s arraignment of Richard P. Collins on the several serious charges, including Motor Vehicular Homicide… * Please keep the family and loved ones on the victim in your thoughts and prayers. [HN VIDEO – PRESS PLAY] The post ***  WATCH ***  71-YEAR-OLD MALE CHARGED WITH VEHICULAR HOMICIDE OF 18-YEAR-OLD SAM NEEDHAM first appeared on Hyannis News - News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

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security patrol property check service

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